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Gerzson, Pál




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Pál Gerzson was born in January 25, 1931 in Hird. His family moved a lot, so he attended school in Nagykároly, Ungvár and finally in Kőszeg. After his final exams, he studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 1953. In the same year, he became a member of the Studio for Young Artists.
At the beginning of his career, he has repeatedly been working at the artists camp in Hódmezővásárhely and in Szigliget. Since 1954, he regularly hold exhibitions. His first individual exhibition was in 1967. Since 1955 he was a member of the Art Foundation. From the beginning of the 1970s, he went on several educational trips to Europe, India and Japan. Between 1960-1974 he has been teaching at the Hungarian Academy for Applied Arts. Since 1964, he became a member of the Hungarian Association of Fine Artists. Between 1974-1996 he has been teaching at the Hungarian Academy for Fine Arts. Since 1992, he was a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. From 1992-1999, he was chairman of the Hungarian Association of Fine and Applied Arts.
During his career, he tried different kinds of techniques: tapestry, wood intarsia and graphics. In the 1950, he was mainly interested with the problematic representation of light and air. At the end of the 1950s, he definitely left behind the realistic-naturalistic representations and turned towards compositions based on geometrical figurativity. His works can be seen at the Hungarian National Gallery, the Modern Hungarian Gallery in Pécs as well as at the István Király Museum in Székesfehérvár.
Year Biography
11348 He born in Hird
1949-1953 College of Fine Art
1953-1955 Eötvös Loránd University, Bachelor of Geometry
1953-tól member of the Studio for Young Artists
1955-töl member of the Art Foundation
1960-1974 he has been teaching at the Hungarian Academy for Applied Arts
1964-töl member of the Hungarian Association of Fine Artists
1974-1996 he has been teaching at the Hungarian Academy for Fine Arts
1988 he founded the popular Hungarian "Szépmíves" Company with his friends
1992-töl he was a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
1992-1999 he was chairman of the Hungarian Association of Fine and Applied Arts
  His teachers: Endre Domanovszky, Gyula Hincz, János Kmetty.
2006 Lifetime Achievement Award
1994 Chivalrous Cross of the Hungarian Republic
1987 Merited Artist
1972 Munkácsy-award I.
1970 In the Miskolc Winter Art Show, the Prize of Miskolc City Council
1969 Munkácsy-award III.
1968,197 Prize of the Eger National Watercolor Biennial
1964 Studio-award.
  Single Exhibitions
2013 RaM – Radnóti Miklós Communityi Centre, Budapest
2012 Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2011 Gönczi Gallery, Zalaegerszeg
2010 Koller Gallery, Budapest
2008 Arts and Crafts Workshop, Gödöllő
2007 Karinthy Saloon, Budapest
  Gallery of Józsefváros, Budapest
1998 Keve Gallery, Ráckeve
1996 OMC Headquarters, Genf
  Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely
  Csontváry Hall, Pécs
1995 Kempinski Gallery, Budapest
  Castle Museum, Keszthely
  Club Gallery of Újlipótváros, Budapest
1994 MHB IMMO Art Gallery - Körmendi Gallery, Budapest
1993 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest.
1991 Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest.
1989 Castle, Sárvár
1987 Bolgár Community Center
1985 József Attila Community Cente, Baja
1984 Ernst Museum, Budapest
1981 Gulácsy Hall, Szeged
1976 Kunsthalle, Budapest
1975 Bordeaux
1974 Cagnes-sur-Mer
1972 Musée Galliera, Paris
1967 Ernst Museum, Budapest
1965 Community Center, Szombathely
1963 II. Youth Biennial, Paris
  Works in public collections
  János Damjanich Museum, Szolnok
  István Dobó Museum, Eger
  St. Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár
  Janus Pannonius Museum Modern Magyar Képtár, Pécs
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár
  Public Works
  Composition, fresco, 1960, Budapest, Róna street's nursery
  Tug-of-war, Kite, panneau, 1962, Pécs, Újmecsekalja, nursery
  Composition, marquetry, 1966, Pécs, City Council Hall
  Composition, marquetry, 1970, Budapest XI. disc., Budapest University of Technology
  Composition, marquetry, 1971, Győr, a County ouncil Hall
  Composition, marquetry, 1975, Helsinki, Hungarian Embassy
  Glass Windows, 1983, Baja, Youth House
  Wall picture, enamel, 1984, Budapest VII., dist., Kazinczy str., Eötvös Loránd University
  Composition, panneau, 1986, Kunszentmiklós, Community Center
  Üvegablakok, 1986, Szeged, catafalque
  Composition, panneau, 1987, Mátészalka Primary School
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