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Czene, Béla




Béla Czene was born in 1911 in Isaszeg (city in Pest County). Between 1930 and 1933 he attended at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, where Gyula Rudnay was his teacher. He early found the trend of the Roman School in his styles, his Rome stay greatly helped it between 1938-1939, after he had won the scholarship of Collegium Hungaricum of Rome for the proposal of Tibor Gerevich. In his picturesque style he increasingly bound to the Renaissance classical and the Greco-Roman tradition, including the art of Leonardo da Vinci and Domenico Ghirlandaio. After the Second World War the themes of his typical technique painted images he got from the everyday life.

During the artist's life he was awarded several times. In 1937 he won the Youth award of the Hungarian National Fine Arts Society, in 1942 he got Ede Balló award for his “Hunor and Hungarian” titled paintings, in 1943 he was awarded by the Budapest Capital City’s József Ferenc award as well. After the war in 1948 the Prize of the fresco competition of the Ministry of Culture, than in 1953 on the 4th Fine Arts Exhibition the prize of the Ministry of Agriculture was given to him.


Year Biography
1911 born in Isaszeg
1930-1933 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
  Teacher: Gyula Rudnay
1937 Hungarian National Fine Arts Society Youth Award
1942 Ede Balló-award
1943 Budapest Capital City Ferenc József Award
1948 Prize of the fresco competition of the Ministry of Culture
1953 On the 4th Fine Arts Exhibition the prize of the Ministry of Agriculture
  Solo exhibitions
1998 Atelier Gallery, Budapest
1986 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1982 Csontváry Hall, Pécs
1980 Szeged
1979 Tokio
1978 Kecskemét
1976 Kaposvár
1974 Mednyánszky Hall, Budapest
1972 Győr
1970 Szőnyi Hall, Miskolc
1968 Nagykanizsa
1959 Institute for cultural relations, Budapest
1958,1967 Ernst Museum, Budapest
1948 The Old Art Gallery, Budappest
1941 Műbarát
1938 Studio
  Selected group exhibitions
1974, 1976 Gekkoso Gallery, Tokio
1942 National Salon, Budapest
  Representative Hungarian exhibitions abroad
  Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Mockow, Stockholm, Peking, Bucharest, Sofia
1940, 1943 Spring exhibition, Hungarian Arts
1939-1940 Exhibition for the 20th anniversary of the Miklós Horthy government
1938,1939,1942 Fall exhibition
1938 St. Stephans exhibition
1936, 1941 Jubilee exhibition, Modern Italian Art
1935, 1937 National Art exhibition
1934-1943 Winter exhibition, Art Gallery, Budapest
1935, 1936 Spring salon
1935,1936 Munkácsy-Céh exhibition
  Works in public collections
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Art Gallery, Kanizsa Város
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