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Gross, Arnold



The artist was born in 1929 in Torda (city in Romania). His father was painter, so he was his first teacher. In 1946 he came to Budapest. In 1953 he graduated at the College of Fine Arts. From 1993 he has been the member of the Széchenyi Literature and Arts Academy. From 1962 he has several single exhibitions in abroad. One of his grand paintings “The highroad of friendship” can be found in the Hotel Mariott (it was the Intercontinental Hotel Danube). From the late fifties he has been numerous exhibitions in Budapest and in the provinces.

He became popular with his richly detailed etchings. Owing to his typical coloring technique all of his prints are different from each others. His images characterized by the wonderful children's tale world, where the sun always shines, full with flower shops and toys. The people can be the part of the nature in his works. With his images he is providing beauty and joy, a fairy tale world, which is devoid any creepy or gloomy.

Year Biography
1929 He was born in Torda (city in Romania)
1946 He came to Budapest to study arts and crafts
1953 He continued his studies at the College of Fine Arts
  His teachers: Gyula Hincz, György Kádár, György Konecsni, Károly Koffán
2014 The artist of the nation
2009 Pro Urbe Budapest
2008 Prima award
1995 Kossuth award
1997 Merited artist
1993 MSZOSZ award
1966, 1968 First prize of the Krakow International Biennial
1955, 1967 Munkácsy Mihály award
  Single exhibitions
2009-2010 Nature - Drawing 80 years -" 80 images and 80 gemstones" titled exhibition - it represented Gross 80 graphics and 80 gemstones
  for thehonor of the artsit 80. birthday, Hungarian Natural History Museum
2008 Jászi Gallery, Budapest
  Makett-labor Gallery
2007 Railway Museum
  Castellum Gallery, Budapest
2001 Demko Gallery, Budapest
1999 Café Zacc, Pécs
1998 Hungarian Association of Writers
1997 Ferenc Móra Museum, Szeged
  Vendéglő Gallery
1996. 2003 Arts and Crafts Museum, Budapest
1995 Barcsay school Gallery, Szentendre
1988 Sárospatak
  Csók Gallery, Budapest
1984 Endre Horváth Gallery, Balassagyarmat
1983 Liget Gallery
1981 Cultural House, Tök
1975 Los Angeles
1974 Hamburg
  Helikon Gallery, Budapest 
1965,1974 Rome
1972 London
  New Delhi 
1971 Brussels
1970 Bergen
  Dűrer Hall, Budapest
1969 Amsterdam
1966,1967 Tokyo
1964 Mednyánszky Hall, Budapest
1956 Adolf Fényes Hall, Budapest
  Group exhibition
2009 Master graphic,of three generations, Koller Gallery, Budapest
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