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Mácsai István




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István Mácsai was born in 1922 in Budapest. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 1949. His teacher was Aurél Bernáth. First he appeared in the Kiss Gallery with collected works, and it has followed by a number of prestigious independent exhibitions at home and in abroad as well. In 1953 and in 1955 he was awarded by Munkácsy-award. In 1977 he obtained a certificate of merit in Monte-Carlo.

He refreshes traditional sense of realistic presentation mode with modern elements, he artistically solve the human and the environment precise portrayal. He makes his composition various and effective with interesting ideas, and in the frames of the objective tone he does not give up the image of mood and emotional values. On his figurative paintings he crosses the boundaries of pure representation with witty backgrounds and symbolic fixture, and on almost every canvas in contemplative colors he transposed also the more common sights colors.

The artist died in Budapest on 16th September, 2005.

Year Biography
1922 He was born in Budapest
1945-1950 Hungarian College of Fine Arts
  His teacher: Aurél Bernáth
2002 Gold Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic
2000 Honorary citizen of the XIII. district
1995 Pro Urbe, Budapest
1993 Elizabeth Prize
1953, 1955 Munkácsy-award
  Single exhibition
2007 Memorial exhibition, István Mácsai Gallery, Budapest
2004 Máté Kovács City Cultural Centert and Library, Hajdúszoboszló
2002 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Máté Kovács City Cultural Centert and Library, Hajdúszoboszló
  Gyula Derkovits Cultural Centert and Library, Tiszaújváros
  Városi Gallery, Tiszaújváros
2000 Gizi Bajor Community House, Balatonföldvár
1999 Újlipótváros, Újlipótváros Club Gallery, Budapest
1997 New pictures, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1996 Ferenc Erdei Cultural Centert, Kecskemét
1995 Burg Galerie, Konradsheim, Germany
1992 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1989 Castle Gallery, Veszprém
1984 Breughel G., Amsterdam
1983, 1988  Csontváry Gallery, Budapest
1982 Galerie Rutzmoser, Munich
1981 Kiskun Museum, Kiskunfélegyháza
  István Báthory Museum, Nyírbátor
  People's Freedom Club, Budapest
1978 Art Gallery, Budapest
1976 Medgyessy Hall, Debrecen
1972 G. Piu Arte, Firenze
1970 Kisfaludi Strobl Hall, Zalaegerszeg
1964 Galerie du Casino, Enghien, Belgium
1960, 1965, 1973 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1957  Cannes, France
  Selected group exhibitions
2001 Hungarian Contemporary Art in the Collection of Körmendi-Csák , Tallin
2000 Art Budapest 3.International Art Fair
1999 Art Budapest 2. International Art Fair
1977 Monte-Carlo
  Works in public collection
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Budapest Gallery, Budapest
  József Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár
  István Báthori Museum, Nyírbátor
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