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4.Hungarian Art auction exhibition

2023. May 05. - May 21.

We look forward to welcoming all to our 4th spring auction and related exhibition, where we will auction Hungarian classic, modern and post-war masterpieces as well as some contemporary masterpieces. Among the diverse selection you can also find paintings, graphics and sculptures, for example the high-quality works of István BOLDIZSÁR, Sándor GALIMBERTI, Ödön MÁRFFY, István SZŐNYI, László NEOGRADI, István HARASZTI, Pál DEIM, Margit KOVÁCS, Imre VARGA, Victor VASARELY and many other artists.

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Exhibited artworks

Almásy, Aladár: Surreal dream
Almásy, Aladár - Surreal dream Private collection Hungary
Amerigo Tot: Eva Fischer with cat
Amerigo Tot - Eva Fischer with cat Private collection Hungary
Antal Diósy: Elegant woman
Antal Diósy - Elegant woman Private collection Hungary
Boldizsár, István: Venus
Boldizsár, István - Venus Private collection
Boldogfai, Farkas Sándor: Woman portrait
Boldogfai, Farkas Sándor - Woman portrait Private collection Hungary
Borsos, Miklós: Garden in the evening
Borsos, Miklós - Garden in the evening private collection
Breznay, József: Company
Breznay, József - Company Private collection Hungary
Csáki, Róbert: Little rainbow
Csáki, Róbert - Little rainbow Private collection
Dobroszlav József: The Szalajka valley cable car
Dobroszlav József - The Szalajka valley cable car Private collection United States
Gerzson, Pál: Bushes
Gerzson, Pál - Bushes Private collection Hungary
Gross, Arnold: Amsterdam
Gross, Arnold - Amsterdam Private collection-Hungary
Gross, Arnold: Hungarian Lexicon
Gross, Arnold - Hungarian Lexicon Private collection-Hungary
Kádár, Béla: Abstract figures
Kádár, Béla - Abstract figures Private collection Hungary
Kovács Margit: Woman and child
Kovács Margit - Woman and child private collection
Márffy Ödön: Kneeling woman
Márffy Ödön - Kneeling woman Private collection Hungary
Márffy Ödön: Romantic landscape
Márffy Ödön - Romantic landscape Private collection Hungary
Molnár,  C. Pál: Landscape with cipruses
Molnár, C. Pál - Landscape with cipruses Private collection Hungary
Neogrady László: Selfportrait with painters palette
Neogrady László - Selfportrait with painters palette Private collection United States
Reich, Károly: Amor and Psyche
Reich, Károly - Amor and Psyche Private collection United states
Reich, Károly: Venus
Reich, Károly - Venus private collection
Schéner, Mihály: Horseriders
Schéner, Mihály - Horseriders Private collection Hungary
Szabó, Vladimir: Stillife with flowers
Szabó, Vladimir - Stillife with flowers Private collection Hungary
Szalay, Lajos: Kentaur with panflute
Szalay, Lajos - Kentaur with panflute Private collection Hungary
Szőnyi, István: Danube bend is Zebegény
Szőnyi, István - Danube bend is Zebegény Private collection Hungary
Szőnyi, István: Nude in front of the green stove
Szőnyi, István - Nude in front of the green stove Private collection Hungary
Varga, Imre: Professor
Varga, Imre - Professor Private collection China
Varga, Imre: Waiting
Varga, Imre - Waiting Private collection Hungary
Vasarely, Victor: KIDIO
Vasarely, Victor - KIDIO Private collection Hungary
Vasarely, Victor: YKA
Vasarely, Victor - YKA private collection (Hungary)

Impressions from the exhibiton

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