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Kass, János



János Kass is an extraordinary diverse artist: painter, sculptor and graphical artist. From the beginning of his studies, he tried different genres, between 1942-1946 he studied ceramics at the academy of applied arts, from 1946-1951 he dedicated himself to graphics at the HungarianAcademy of Fine Arts, with Gyula Hincz, György Konecsni and György Kádár being his teachers. The years 1960-61, he was working at the faculty of graphics and visual arts in Leipzig and from 1967-81 he was teaching at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts at the faculty of graphics. At that time he was already considered among the best book illustrators.
From 1973 on, he designed stamps and movie posters. During his rich artistic life, he has been working in nearly all areas of graphical arts and various genres, doing drawings, different techniques of graphical multiplication, book illustrations. Together with the famous animation movie maker with Hungarian origins John Halas, they developed the first animation movie with the computer, called “Dilemma”.
He created marble sculptures, but also modern materials did not hold him back. Over several decades, he was working with friends and artists at the series “Heads”, made out of polystyrene. The roots of his arts can be found in the Hungarian culture and the constantly renewing forms of modern arts equally. The master technique is based on the tradition of graphical arts, but is combined with collages and constructivist forms. The artist was always aware of the –individual and social- being of man, of culture traditions, of questions concerning technique and sciences. The various artists genres had always a productive effect on his work, literature and music play a major role in numerous outstanding works.
His series often show the gist of a creative period and a style. In “Psalmus Hungaricus” the state of being of the 1970s can be felt; in “The Tragedy of man” a certain worldview is expressed; the basic human, moral values are in the centre of the sacral representations of the “Old Testament”; the series “Duke Bluebeard’s castle” expresses beside the basic way of thinking of man and woman a possible way towards a rationally abstract and at the same time humanistic idea of man.
János Kass’ s numerous works can be found in the Hungarian National Gallery. Since 1985, the János Kass Gallery in Szeged shows a constant exhibition.
Year Biography
1927 He was born in Szeged
1942-1946 School of Applied Arts, ceramics specialist
1946-1951 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, graphic specialist
1960-1961 Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, book art department, Leipzig
1965-1973 art editor of the 'New Writing'
1967-1981 He was professor of the Hungarian College of Applied Arts, Department of Graphic
1973 He are also planning postage stamps
  member of the The Hungarian Society of Painters, az ATIPY ICTA, DCC (London),
  CDL (FR), vand the German Book Artists Association
  Honorary Citizen of Szeged.
1999 In the book arts exhibition he got the "the best book" award in Frankfurt
1999 Kossuth-award
  On The Brussels World's Fair, on the Hungarian and German "Nice Book" competition he won awards in Moscow, Brno, Toronto, in Bratislava, São Paulo
1992 Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic
1986 Outstanding artist
1966,1977 Merited artist
1966,1977 In the book arts exhibition he got the "the best book" award in Leipzig
1954,1967 Munkácsy-award
1956-1959 Derkovits-scholarship
  Single exhibition
2000 Zsámbék Saturdays, House of Culture, Zsámbék
  Hungarian Academy in Rome
  Ferenc Móra Museum-Kass Gallery, Szeged
1999 Cultural House, Veszprém
  Dániel Berzsenyi County Library, Szombathely
  Várfal Gallery, Székesfehérvár
1998 Csikász Gallery, Veszprém
1997 Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen
  (Retrospective exhibition), Budapest Gallery, Budapest
  Bible pages, Széchenyi garden Reformed Church Temple, Debrecen
  Iskolai Gallery, Dunakeszi
  Cultural House, Zsámbék
  Rózsavölgyi Music School and Public Library, Balassagyarmat
  Kass Gallery, Szeged
  Dutch House, Dég
1996 Hungarian Embassy in Copenhagen
  Forum Club, Újvidék
  Public House, Szabadka
  County and City Library, Kaposvár
1995 (Retrospective exhibition), Vajdasági Museum, Újvidék
  Kossuth Club, Budapest
  Cultural Center, Békéscsaba
  Hungarian Opera House
  Holy Crown Gallery-St. Stephen's Community Centre, Székesfehérvár
1994 Arte Fiera, Bologna
  Hungarian Institute, Stuttgart
  Gellért Hotel
  University of Economics
  Semmelweis University of Medicine
1993 E H2 2HB, Edinburg
  Cyprus Culture House, Ministry Exhibition Hall, Nicosia
  The exhibition at the Kass family, Kass Gallery, Szeged
1992 Peters's G., Limassol, Ciprus
  Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Kass Gallery, Szeged
1990,1991 Olympia, National Hall, London
1989 Ivanoff Galerie, Aachen
  Újvidék Theatre, Novi Sad
  Cultural Center, Ózd
  Kass Gallery, Szeged
  Ateljee Hulmin, Loimaai (FIN)
1987 Catholic Academy, Hamburg
  Kass Gallery, Szeged
1986 Fitz William Museum, Cambrigde
  Békés County Library, Békéscsaba
1985 Videoton Cultural House, Székesfehérvár
1983 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Kass Gallery, Szeged
1982 Bath festival, Pumproom, Turnbridge, Wells
  Mora Ferenc Museum Gallery, Szeged
1981 County Cultural Center, Szombathely
  Mini Gallery, Miskolc
1980 Petőfi Theatre, Veszprém
1979 Nagy Balogh Hall
  Chapel Exhibition, Balatonboglár
1977 Lifetime Exhibition, Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen
  Csók Gallery, Graphics Hall, Budapest
  Georgi Dimitrov Cultural Center, Veszprém
1976 County Library, Eger
  Bartók Cultural Center, Szeged
1975 Spatial shapes, Institute for Cultural Relations, Showroom
  Chapel Exhibition, Balatonboglár
  Dániel Berzsenyi County Library, Szombathely
1974 Shakespeare-illustrations, Csontváry Hall, Pécs
  Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc
1973 Lo Squardo G., Torino
  Heads, Petofi Literary Museum, Budapest
  Fem kunstnere fra Ungarn, Galleri F 15., Tromsö M., Moss, Norway
1972 Heads, Savaria Museum, Szombathely
  Attila József Library, Miskolc
  Cultural House, Hajdúszoboszló
1970 Woollahra, Sidney
  Cultural House, Hajdúszoboszló
  Cultural House, Balmazújváros
  Scientific Educational Society Csokonai Club, Debrecen
1967 Institute for Cultural Relations, Dorottya str. Exhibition hall
1964 Dürer Hall, Budapest
1960 Scientific Educational Society Bartók Hall, Pécs
  Works in public collection
  Bankside Gallery, London
  Deutsche Bücherei, Leipzig
  Fitz William Museum, Camridge
  Ottó Herman Museum, Miskolc
  Katolische Akademie, Hamburg
  Kunstmuseum, Basel
  MIT, Boston
  Moravska G., Brno
  Museum of Modern Art, Society of Printers, Cleveland
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  National Gallery, Pozsony
  Pinakhotek, Vienna
  Petofi Literature Museum, Budapest
  Shakespeare Museum, Stratford
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