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3.Hungarian Art auction exhibition

2022. November 18. - December 04.

We welcome you to our third auction and exhibition, where we sell classic masterpieces and modern works from the post-war period. The diverse range includes high quality sculptures, paintings and graphics, by FÉNYES Adolf, BÁLINT Endre, REMSEY Jenő, GERZSON Pál, BORSOS Miklós, KERNSTOK Károly, BARCSAY Jenő, FAJÓ János, TAUBERT László, VARGA Imre, Viktor VASARELY

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Exhibited artworks

Amerigo Tot: Nude
Amerigo Tot - Nude Private collection (Hungary)
Bálint, Endre: Montage
Bálint, Endre - Montage Private collection (Hungary)
Barcsay, Jenő: Elblowed woman
Barcsay, Jenő - Elblowed woman Private collection (Hungary)
Bér Rudolf: In the Studio
Bér Rudolf - In the Studio Private collection (Hungary)
Borsos, Miklós: Couple looking the sunset
Borsos, Miklós - Couple looking the sunset Private collection (Hungary)
Borsos, Miklós: Florence
Borsos, Miklós - Florence Private collection (Hungary)
Csató, József: Girl with cactus
Csató, József - Girl with cactus Private collection (Hungary)
Csergezán, Pál: Deer in the forest
Csergezán, Pál - Deer in the forest Private collection (Hungary)
Csók, István: Züzü in the Garden
Csók, István - Züzü in the Garden Private collection (Hungary)
Czene, Béla: On the bench in front of our house
Czene, Béla - On the bench in front of our house Private collection (Hungary)
Fajo János: Composition
Fajo János - Composition Private collection (Hungary)
Fajo János: Cutting edge
Fajo János - Cutting edge Private collection Hungary
Fajo János: Leaves
Fajo János - Leaves Private collection (Hungary)
Fényes, Adolf: In Pasaret
Fényes, Adolf - In Pasaret Private collection (Hungary)
Ferenczy, Béni: Sitting nude
Ferenczy, Béni - Sitting nude Private collection (Austria)
Gábor, Marianne: With Tanti
Gábor, Marianne - With Tanti Private collection-Hungary
Gerzson, Pál: Balaton Landscape
Gerzson, Pál - Balaton Landscape Private collection (Hungary)
Gross, Arnold: The small gallery
Gross, Arnold - The small gallery Private collection (Hungary)
Gyulai, Líviusz: The aged Casanova
Gyulai, Líviusz - The aged Casanova Private collection-Hungary
Iván, Szilárd: Woman with child
Iván, Szilárd - Woman with child private collection (Hungary)
Kass, János: Hommage a György Kurtag
Kass, János - Hommage a György Kurtag Private collection (Hungary)
Kass, János: Two charakters
Kass, János - Two charakters Private collection-Hungary
Kernstok, Károly: Nudes
Kernstok, Károly - Nudes Private collection (Hungary)
Kisfaludi Strobl, Zsigmond: Kneeling woman
Kisfaludi Strobl, Zsigmond - Kneeling woman Private collection (Hungary)
Kiss, Tibor: Brios
Kiss, Tibor - Brios Private collection-Korea
Kiss, Tibor: Lakeside
Kiss, Tibor - Lakeside Private collection Hungary
László Taubert: Idol
László Taubert - Idol Private collection (Hungary)
Mácsai István: Stillife with Rembrandt
Mácsai István - Stillife with Rembrandt Private collection (Hungary)
Mácsai István: Sunset at the seaside
Mácsai István - Sunset at the seaside Private collection (Hungary)
Markó, Károly Ifj.: Young girl with dog
Markó, Károly Ifj. - Young girl with dog Private collection Italy
Mattioni, Eszter: Stillife with flowers
Mattioni, Eszter - Stillife with flowers Private collection (Hungary)
Medveczky, Jenő: Terrace with flowers
Medveczky, Jenő - Terrace with flowers Private collection (Hungary)
Molnár,  C. Pál: Nude with towel
Molnár, C. Pál - Nude with towel Private collection (Hungary)
Olcsai Kiss, Zoltán: Don Quijote
Olcsai Kiss, Zoltán - Don Quijote Private collection (Hungary)
Oskar F. Knapp: Stillife with Lemon
Oskar F. Knapp - Stillife with Lemon private collection (China)
Pátzay, Pál: Boy with fruitbowl
Pátzay, Pál - Boy with fruitbowl Private collection (Hungary)
Raksányi, Dezső: Mother with child
Raksányi, Dezső - Mother with child Private collection Hungary
Reich, Károly: The older sculptor
Reich, Károly - The older sculptor Private collection (Hungary)
Remsey, Jenő György: Cafe in Paris
Remsey, Jenő György - Cafe in Paris Private collection (Hungary)
Remsey, Jenő György: In the cafe
Remsey, Jenő György - In the cafe Private collection Hungary
Réti, István: Landscape with riverside
Réti, István - Landscape with riverside Private collection (Hungary)
Szőnyi, István: Enterieur with bed
Szőnyi, István - Enterieur with bed Private collection (Hungary)
Szőnyi, István: Fruit pickers
Szőnyi, István - Fruit pickers Private collection (Hungary)
Szőnyi, István: The danube bent at Zebegény
Szőnyi, István - The danube bent at Zebegény Private collection (Hungary)
Varga, Imre: Woman in front of the mirror
Varga, Imre - Woman in front of the mirror Private collection (Germany)
Vasarely, Victor: Four geometrical forms
Vasarely, Victor - Four geometrical forms Private collection (Hungary)
Vasarely, Victor: Geometrical forms
Vasarely, Victor - Geometrical forms Private collection (UK)
Veress, Zoltán: Hugging Putti
Veress, Zoltán - Hugging Putti Private collection (Hungary)
Vida, Gábor: What do you think, what time it is?
Vida, Gábor - What do you think, what time it is? Private collection - Hungary

Impressions from the exhibiton

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