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1.Hungarian Art auction exhibition

2021. November 05. - December 05.

We welcome you to our first auction and the connected preview exhibition, where we auction classic masterpieces and modern works from the post-war period. The diverse range includes sculptures, paintings and graphics, such as the high-quality works by Sándor Bortnyik, Mihály Munkácsy, Károly I.d. Marko. We hope you enjoy exploring.

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Exhibited artworks

Amerigo Tot: Innocence
Amerigo Tot - Innocence Private collection (Hungary)
Amerigo Tot: Nude
Amerigo Tot - Nude Private collection (Hungary)
Barcsay, Jenő: Housewalls
Barcsay, Jenő - Housewalls Private collection (Hungary)
Benczúr, Gyula: Female portrait
Benczúr, Gyula - Female portrait Private collection (Hungary)
Benczúr, Gyula: Female study
Benczúr, Gyula - Female study Private collection (Hungary)
Berkes Antal: Street scene in Budapest
Berkes Antal - Street scene in Budapest Private collection (Hungary)
Bernáth, Aurél: Tulips
Bernáth, Aurél - Tulips Private collection Hungary
Borsos, Miklós: Florance
Borsos, Miklós - Florance Private collection USA
Borsos, Miklós: Jumping horse
Borsos, Miklós - Jumping horse Private collection USA
Borsos, Miklós: The artist
Borsos, Miklós - The artist Private collection (Hungary)
Bortnyik, Sándor: Train in the station
Bortnyik, Sándor - Train in the station Private collection USA
Brassaï: L Hospice de Beaune. La Pharmacie
Brassaï - L Hospice de Beaune. La Pharmacie Private collection Hungary
Csók, István: Züzü in the window
Csók, István - Züzü in the window Private collection Hungary
Czene, Béla: Summer
Czene, Béla - Summer Private collection (Hungary)
Edit Basch: Woman with stillife
Edit Basch - Woman with stillife Private collection Hungary
Gabay, László: Venus
Gabay, László - Venus Private collection Cyprus
Gross, Arnold: Conversations about friendship
Gross, Arnold - Conversations about friendship Private collection (Hungary)
Gross, Arnold: Flowers
Gross, Arnold - Flowers Private collection (Hungary)
Gross, Arnold: Hommage á Andersen
Gross, Arnold - Hommage á Andersen Private collection Hungary
Gross, Arnold: Museum of Applied arts
Gross, Arnold - Museum of Applied arts Private collection (Hungary)
Gross, Arnold: Sunflowers
Gross, Arnold - Sunflowers Private collection (USA)
Kass, János: Expulsion from the Paradise
Kass, János - Expulsion from the Paradise Private collection (USA)
Kass, János: Saint Francis
Kass, János - Saint Francis Private collection (Hungary)
Kernstok, Károly: Nudes
Kernstok, Károly - Nudes Private collection (Hungary)
Mácsai István: Roses in blue glass
Mácsai István - Roses in blue glass Private collection (Hungary)
Mácsai István: Still-life
Mácsai István - Still-life Private collection (Hungary)
Markó, Károly Ifj.: Young girl with dog
Markó, Károly Ifj. - Young girl with dog Private collection Italy
Mattioni, Eszter: Female portrait with crown
Mattioni, Eszter - Female portrait with crown Private collection Hungary
Mattioni, Eszter: Young girls in traditional dress
Mattioni, Eszter - Young girls in traditional dress Private collection (Hungary)
Mészöly, Géza: Landscape
Mészöly, Géza - Landscape Private collection (Hungary)
Molnár,  C. Pál: End of september
Molnár, C. Pál - End of september Private collection (Hungary)
Molnár,  C. Pál: Mátyás Hunyadi in the Pilis
Molnár, C. Pál - Mátyás Hunyadi in the Pilis Private collection-Hungary
Munkácsy, Mihály: Portrait of a young noble girl
Munkácsy, Mihály - Portrait of a young noble girl Private collection (Hungary)
Oskar F. Knapp: Still-life with flowers
Oskar F. Knapp - Still-life with flowers private collection (Hungary)
Reich, Károly: After riding
Reich, Károly - After riding Private collection (Hungary)
Reich, Károly: Woman and man
Reich, Károly - Woman and man Private collection Hungary
Remsey, Jenő György: Cafe in Paris
Remsey, Jenő György - Cafe in Paris Private collection (Hungary)
Réti, István: Landscape with riverside
Réti, István - Landscape with riverside Private collection (Hungary)
Szabó, Vladimir: Hommage a Dürer
Szabó, Vladimir - Hommage a Dürer Private collection (Hungary)
Szőnyi, István: Fruit pickers
Szőnyi, István - Fruit pickers Private collection (Hungary)
Vasarely, Victor: Dimensions 2
Vasarely, Victor - Dimensions 2 Private collection (Hungary)
Vasarely, Victor: Folklore planetaire
Vasarely, Victor - Folklore planetaire Private collection (Hungary)
Vasarely, Victor: Geometry (blue forms)
Vasarely, Victor - Geometry (blue forms) Private collection (Hungary)
Vida, Gábor: What do you think, what time it is?
Vida, Gábor - What do you think, what time it is? Private collection - Hungary

Impressions from the exhibiton

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