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Borsos, Miklós


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Miklós Borsos was born in Nagyszeben in 1960. His family moved to Györ in 1922, where he learned from the local painters. He made a break from secondary school in order to become a goldsmith in his father’s workshop. As he was not accepted at university, he traveled to Florence where he had his first contact with renaissance art.

He began his studies in 1929 at the Hungarian Academy of Arts, as a scholar of Oszkár Glatz. But after a couple of months, he went for a journey to Italy and Southern France. He first appeared as a painter at an exhibition in Győr in 1924. Since 1927 he was working on etchings and since 1931 also sculptures, later working with materials such as copperplates, wood and later stone.
In 1934 he finally stopped painting and concentrated on his sculptures. His exhibition in the Tamás Gallery in 1941 was a huge success. He became a member of the New Association for Fine Arts. At that time he got numerous commissions, the collectors bought his works. In 1943 he participated at a group exhibition in the Ernst Museum. In 1945 he became a member of the „Művészeti Tanács”. He moved to Budapest. Between 1945- 1960 he was a teacher at the Academy of Applied Arts and between 1981-1986 at the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1947 he created medals.
He received numerous awards: Munkácsy-Award (1954), Kossuth-Award (1957), Merited artist (1962), Outstanding Artist (1972). He got the silber medal in Carrara and the first price for his medals at the first biennale in Sopron (Ferenczy Béni-Award, 1977). He went on many educational trips. In 1963 he travelled to London, where he met Henry Moore. In 1966 he participated at the Venice Biennale. Several hunderts of books contain his illustrations and etchings. In 1973 he had to give up his work after a serious heart operation.
In 1979 a continous exhibition with his works was opened in Győr.
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