Beran, Lajos

(1882 - 1943)


Lajos Berán was born in 1882 in Budapest. He studied fine arts in Ede Telcs’s studio, and continued his studies at the Vienna Academy. From 1903 he only worked on medals and plaquettes. He designed plaques and stamps as well.

In 2006, 28 of Berán's medals were exhibited at the National Educational Library and Museum's plaqu exhibition titled "Engraver and Masters".

In the first decades of the 20th century, Berán's art significantly contributed to the popularity of medal arts.

On the front page he patterned strong plasticity and typical portraits, and on the back-compositions we can find exceptionally catching solutions. Lajos Berán produced sports medals in large numbers, and in this field he was the most prolific master. From 1932 he had been the artistic director of the State Mint, so he was also a number of coin designer.

Year Biography
1882 He was born in Budapest
  He learnt fine arts in Ede Telcs’s studio and than he studied at the Vienna Academy
From 1903 he had been only dealing with medal art
From 1932 he had been the artistic director of the State Mint
  Teacher: Telcs Ede
  Selected exhibitions
2006 National Educational Library and Museum, ’Engraver and Masters’ exhibittion
1927 National Salon
1925 National Salon
1923 National Salon
1906 Exhibition in Milano, Italy
1902 National Salon