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Kovács, Tamás Vilmos


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Tamás Vilmos Kovács was born on July 24th, 1951 in Budapest. In 1978 he was accepted to the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied with Simon Sarkantyu. He has been exhibiting regularly since 1982.
Tamás Vilmos Kovács is mainly a figurative artist. His works express different conditions of the human soul, different states of being. His paintings are dominated by the colours red, yellow, blue and green, only rarely does he use shading and intergradation of colours. Kovács's colours, forms, and gestures express a certain sense of loneliness and vulnerability. The figures, often shown from a close-up angle, don't seem to be interconnected, they only exist for themselves. Their eyes and gestures seem to reveal that they are observing something, but the object of their interest stays unclear to the observer – and probably to the figures themselves. It seems as if they were all coming from somewhere and going somewhere without a visible goal. In the situations defined by the depicted gestures, the groups of figures create some sort of a scene without a definite conclusion or aim. Even the musicians are not listening to each other, they are all just focusing on their own music.
Kovács's interiors show the spectator the surroundings and environment of humans through a few expressive objects while completely lacking human presence.
Year                       Biography
1951 Born in Budapest
1978 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
  Teacher: Simon Sarkantyú
2010 "My night, my day" - Koller Gallery
2006 Csók István Galéria - Képcsarnok
  Erlin Klub Galéria, Budapest
2005 Harminchárman - 10 éves a magyar festők társasága
2004 Vásárhely, Alföldi Galéria
  Pannónia Galéria, Sopron
2003 BÁV Kortárs Galéria, Budapest
2002 Wiesbaden
  Csók Galéria, Budapest.
  Bank Center, Budapest
  Bálint Zsidó közösségi ház, Budapest
  Erline Galéria, Budapest
2001 BÁV kortárs Galéria, Budapest
2000 Brussels
  Hertogenbusch, Hüstegge Galerie
  Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest
  City Art Galerie, Stockholm
  Hotel Atrium Hyatt, Budapest
1999 Lurdy ház, Budapest
  Opera, Budapest
1998 West Deutsche Landesbank, Budapest.
1997 Partikel Galerie, Luzern.
  Magyar konzulátus, New York.
1996 Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.
1994 Hüsstege, Hektogen Bosch.
  Zichy Galéria, Budapest.
1993 Galerie Merkur, Graz.
1992 Csontváry Terem, Pécs.
1990 Galerie im Ambiente, Darmstadt.
1989 G. van Almsick, Gronav-Epe.
  Csók Galéria, Budapest.
  Partikel Galerie, Luzern.
1987 Csontváry Terem, Pécs.
  Galerie in Zabo, Nürnberg
1986 Stúdió Galéria, Budapest.
1984 Gulácsy Galéria, Szeged.
  Bartók Béla Művelődési Ház, Szeged.
1982 Stúdió Galéria, Budapest.
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