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Gallé, Tibor


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Tibor Galle was born in 1896 in Budapest. Between 1925 and 1928 he studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, where his teachers were Gyula Rudnai and Viktor Olgyai. He was a strong, sober-talented artist, who appeared twice at public. Firstly in the autumn of 1921 his two paintings were the highlights of the National Salon exhibition. (The Autumn, The Gravedigger).
Secondly in the spring of 1923, a published album angled him to the attention. It was contained several linocuts, in two and three colors, which were simplified, and these shown clean design, direct culture and warm expressions, combined the sensual impressionistic beauty with strong emphatic intention.

In 1925 in the Casino of Lipót City, in 1929- and in 1931 in the Ernst Museum he organized a collective exhibition. From 1931 he was continuous graphical studies in London by state scholarship. In 1935 he founded a painter and sculptor training school, what he had been organizing until his death. Between 1931 and 1940 he took part in several foreign exhibitions, then in 1942 he had a collective exhibition in Budapest. Post-impressionist attempts occur in his art.

He repeatedly received statal and other important watercolor prizes from the city of Budapest. His works can be found in the Hungarian National Gallery and in the British Museum as well. In 1966 a memorial exhibition was organized for him in Budapest and in Baja city.

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